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An Introduction to Counting:

See the categories for the basic whole numbers and teens, or watch Signing Simon count from 1 to 21 here.

Printable Downloads:
Auslan Numbers Auslan Numbers
Chart of numbers between 1 and 100  <.pdf 631 Kb>
Numbers 1 to 10 Signs, Large Numbers 1 to 10 Signs, Large
Print these black and white outlines of the 1 to 10 signs, ready for colouring in!
Extra Large  <.pdf 545 Kb>

To sign larger numbers we use:

(number) hundred
(number) thousand
(number) million

See the section "Show me how to sign" for examples

The basic mathematical functions are:

Plus (+)
Minus (-)
Times (x)
Divide (/)
Equals (=)

For fractions, see below

Basic Numbers
Show me how to sign:

Test Yourself: How would you sign the number?
Select difficulty level:
Addition Subtraction
Select difficulty level:
Include hints? 
Select difficulty level:
Include hints? 


Times Tables
Generate a printable times table:
Times Table
Free Sample One and Two Times Tables
    Multiplication Games:
  • Test your Multiplication knowledge by filling in the missing number.
    Include hints?
    Select Table:
  • Test your TimesTables knowledge by doing division.
    Include hints?
    Select Table:


Fractions One Quarter
We sign fractions by signing the number above the line in the normal position, then rotate the hand down across chest to form the number under the line.
For example, one quarter or 1/4 (see at right)
Note: Half has it's own sign (below)


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